By Duncan J Brown

If you’re Robert Corrigan, you awake daily to a world we created.
The sun no longer shines over London.

Unbroken clouds seep constant drizzle, turning buildings green with algae. Your mother made great sacrifices to elevate you. She taught you to be as opportunistic as the cancer that threatens to kill her. You, like most Workers, live with the threat of being demoted to non-Worker, or simply a Non. If your activity is judged subversive, you may be left without benefits or support, categorised as a Transient or worse still become one of the many disappeared.

The prospect of managing a programme like Project Egret is an opportunity you dare not turn down. You’ll face this challenge regardless of DRT’s apparent or ulterior motives. The one percent will sacrifice anything to maintain what they have and nothing you ever think or do is outside the realm of their influence. Immortality may be no more than a corporate dream but if you’re not careful you’ll awake to an even worse nightmare.