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Reintroduction Book II

Conversion Book by author Duncan Brown

‘Annihilation of the species was essential for the continuation of reason.’
‘How different the world appears through these eyes.’


Without anything there will be darkness.
Without anything at all. Even ourselves.

Excerpt from Conversion

You are a dangerous breed, and as such you are denied a voice.

Excerpt from Conversion

I am a weak and fallible being. When I am at my worst, I am almost a creature.

Excerpt from Conversion

We do not emulate. We’re different. And that’s something we should feel more at ease with.

Excerpt from Conversion

He’s a keen administrator but, like all good dogs, he craves a master.

Excerpt from Conversion

I feel cold fingers reaching from the crypt to drag us down.

Excerpt from Conversion

A man like you can’t stare at his reflection for long without being frightened by the idea of his own existence.

Excerpt from Conversion

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Reintroduction book II

Duncan J Brown

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