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Reintroduction Book by Duncan J Brown
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'What I see in the mirror would turn you to stone.'
'We've all done terrible things.'

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I always thought of consumers as the consumable itself. We know Capitalism reigns victorious because almost every unit available has now been fully consumed.” He patted his stomach and groaned.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

The city’s hover-trams, covered treadmill pavements, and eight-lane motorways remained rammed, as if any reduction in traffic would be a form of capitulation, an acceptance of ecological responsibility.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

No one’s seen hide nor hair of them for over twenty years. Demoted to Transients…or worse…the disappeared.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

The vulnerable man was set upon by a cloud of hungry mosquitoes. He had forgotten to take his weekly Exhale and without the slow-release repellent he was fair game.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

Dislodged from sensory organs, the mind receives no input. Being used to senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell it may even go insane.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

As was the case with all larger corporations, algorithms were deployed to ensure an exclusively Caucasian and Asian employee base.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

Women of colour are automatically excluded along with their male counterparts. The company only places white females in appropriate roles. The talent we reject is inexcusably short-sighted.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

Its head was the same, translucent as a dragonfly’s, dark matter undulating within like a foetus or a tumour.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

Not every psychotic kills or tortures in the same way and we don’t all murder living things.

Excerpt from Reintroduction

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Duncan J Brown

Available to purchase now.

Reintroduction Book by Author Duncan J Brown